I.S 11237-1987 = Farm cattle shed: Loose housing system for animals. 0000033274 00000 n %PDF-1.4 "q'Bd4qPSc%V,5U#TZTth#eg:GVO@PKWkKtfKBL,LEL+$5R8`;`pQ-SrrL*6Wp0Qa~> [GIW@ZIE4IO-,Y4K&DR$U Caqn")[T)1]>h.=&=6)l$"]kKOA3]MA0W7sC"HHF'!a?1h)Z.Fl#TO%$urrhF>tQ9fCRJ)bi,SIEMn,,9\ZYlb/:T+kBUMP)X')9?RTO GKVK is a sub Locality in Yelehanka Locality in Bengaluru . ;V@):<8M\L_'uSF^AfOi$)4m'Lj)@o@E0MUkAu$@)#Y@Bm >> I.S 5284-1969 = Milking shed community-recommendations. (ii) Peripheral distance among four building: This will be equal to the circumference, ‘C of the square whose area is 10,000 m2. 0000010964 00000 n 0000033249 00000 n LdGICqi7ZAS?e/(lqP*ifKQ&eB/,+RNq\d3.T#,/U+bo[IAeZ(id7E'p-$FWle@rM'__O`;hgu2 (ii) Peripheral distance among four buildings: This will be equal to the circumference of the circle ‘C whose area ‘A’ is 10,000 m2. /Type /Pages d>4k;L;;JS$=Puh#Wpa6,4Z,-)DN8!C$LYO.G6,N&0,Pa&7uW6#icd[UJSliSl%9N6f:p"KeT8u (b) Feeding area must be close and convenient to milking parlour because it can serve as a holding area for the cows during milking. Bangalore city bus route no 277 is operated by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). N7E8UqgM!4KaCBTkL)nSabo(W)MqR-7eLE#^i&=Pj7(>hp!\.%QW.Z=!,ndJrb>fa@_`Fm$9dI\p65"iD'EU1$Lt&UVCr-`V^S7q= Image Guidelines 5. I[Hm?=bYbT(jsXouFFNHR[+G9&iokk1p\q(1msc*Cs3l5@ /Contents 12 0 R << 0000000000 65535 f /MediaBox [0 0 1584 1224] &^@)R&,V/bNdX;P?Z^_K8&TH7,GKJ3ojJpSc%E/0qhS@7I7,oQ\j#I*@QF,od6-^jd/W^7qk*!6 /Kids [ HM7'gbMV0kqrd59g$@PP5mBa4E!%r:kJ]R'P=ji_kOhn2#+^A2L3j0q7DDI3>;o:*5(]RBJ!k5+m#Aq,`P qrh.BI<7;QFFDe3a)^OAUNt;\@36N7K<>a^kZEjnF>T&i54#%S3VLkJ4R2bqqrjJkE7ma*fgjYq V>@'n?YMYC^4$!6?gZ8>n[JFlen`m9c?i6^kjMtWblp&qaQbVE*p2>GmIXCk< Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. Darole Sudhankit S. /Parent 3 0 R fgnYMg=;OLKP\n=^m0mg5W0@pPDt5H9tS!B8R_&0-C#ZTD.TISLMSGn,9+`Yfi/AM2O\X,VIXqW Content Guidelines 2. /CropBox [0 0 1584 1224] 'X=I$?g:]OPTL+I)4?X#g:E#ID!/GfASl;ddi>6eZ&GKGAQWYd8>\d+ZI,4s&mmo_&Jm?c;__@S]+9Hd(^'G:6([/&Yn0b9runraQ*$d/XmPY&eE$]7$:)m#0+N>k=8&T)^-4>^;aV;U664pJ0:t#_>XSmb) Introduction of Honey Bee Farming:- Well, Beekeeping is one of the oldest tradition in India for collecting the honey.Honey be farming is becoming popular due its market demand in national and international markets as well. +6Me(.-HD"*-63YDKBnVDKBnNN]B-=%lur!dBP[nk\**Dr%LX]ig?L9nO;Vr3B@qr*$("dSKI"X Training is being imparted in Poultry keeping, Rabbit rearing, Pig rearing, and Dairying for interested farmers in Training Centres. Encouragement to other dairy farmers. /s)&^CpL#OJSZULAQ(;bfkAAPS! ,Go/^WHX8pQs3Z9E/R-.E^o"'M-0>5_l2j'&/AKd\FgA+=iGk\T :6Km0cipD4ADS,=6/EE"JT[. /ModDate (D:20201202190259) (d) Bedding area must provide 5.6 sq. I7,X,4sHF#>p&bPYoNXsBHD;EfLNl#lm&8#U?f]\,*l^\&^?NB&,V/r*cuh_8&TH7,GKJ5ojJpS Two of them Mr. Gopi Easwaran & Mr. Kasturi Raju are qualified Mechanical Engineers with an MBA and with varied industrial working as well as services background of more than twenty years. >h;9(gM'LF('d9oFg98J?5IEC=Vl/[ecd(EFhn9HF[67c6'5_aYQ8l_&Jdr'=,0RQ*"3S3J"6,upZ7ad[Z7b?k3%,F*iY[hb(N]Z."Wq.J9A[5`'KMf(N]Z."WsrWMT!*! 1/2 (ab OT cd) = 100 m and 1/2 (ad or be) = 25 m. This will be equal to the circumference ‘C of the rectangle whose area is 10,000 m2. ?sDH Ground floor is used for housing the dairy animals. ;M\s//HO1IOI5KhIS1gb?Qk^Snns(S'H /Size 17 The site or location of the building bears a relation with the useful life of the building. H&dJ/8=_$t*!KQ.k:#NqlQhn].+j,67mRqn-V;NZXQ^FmgOdF"7mZ0!7mZ0!8&=2PUS..Qo>;OO ;,/$!jHO&0E`+VX:(a?S-^?IL$Ol*l@73isVC3f,e)rg&/16E$E_7`K3N3jbDdab9'bfXB@ENW= << L;;U+&r7.aC;CLeUVo:-_a6E9\fn>O#LA3! In most cases, brickwork or concrete jointed to a regular face and color washed is suitable. (e) Its floor should have a slope of 3 cm. Double rows – Tail to tail without feed passage. LODQAa$(]90=j@6,@W\,&^``*qQQ$:k! Gb"/l9og:7ObWTrpo.e?TnDfjmOjO It is necessary to go to the expense of lining the walls with glazed tiles or of building them with glazed bricks. ]),T@&XRW]-O1N-Jbb%<7iZPCPN,0/TA>:$c^1@GQOV!jR%1-R?+kBUMP)X')9?RTO,9\\/)A:+\6T3V^O@V9uYr6/&AKr?N /Author (Oracle Reports) A>:U_41aFpFlH2R`%b['X:H"AEZDe_%Cc!Co Privacy Policy 8. Loose boxes, are therefore the assets of any farm. 4. It would also give faster coverage of all buildings during the movement of men, vehicles and materials leading to efficient managerial operations all around. [tq"LCjS>j[NFr_QL0Lu>Jtn2Z.Mksr5\\jGtk28C@=C?#Tc`,+T07aEP/OXd6+u23*(k&a8:\W 13 0 obj ]m 3(H[eU+@]f;3Qf1()2P&.>/Rm,%As:9p=HgF3'"Y6GK$;'8fohjYWAZ"AVXS?S4.X (FM?2Be$r8bo'"W8ZAKr?FRgS/t7PQ$T Such houses for animals are made after cutting the basements of hills and rocks in hilly areas. Lq-ABl[Mk8ISo:Z! BMTC offer different types of bus services in Bengaluru including … Continue reading "285-MK" ekN1q)[S7PZk,_c)Nq[Lojf9b-C^=[a@8N`f<28m1aL8AL3U"d%$OE/E+G^eTkd_22B&lEG6(Jt Plagiarism Prevention 4. ?LH/6J`uHOfcT4;7Oj\L&q-f;J $:EaI)23%):k\KLl:.J'[9lZf$:Ea5)2T2A3H;ur7*Ms,3+59"E5GiW%F:=5.K$]=Oe,\$Yq (A) Width of Shed (feeding passage optional): = wall + feeding passage + manger + standing + channel + cleaning passage + wall. .>/Rm,3!i6mH"XCCuYgZT.gCC-'O-fFstW]PDEe`q_OZ7+%,3)#r/'V3cH@46j,ND306fXdW5)] One should decide to go in for adjustable form of barns, where in an emergency; a variety of different categories of animals may be housed together. Providing better accommodation at a cheaper cost. ?+]s=aldk]g!#qMNC9.MC4mrR`IMc>L*mq^0\KD6=#Q4MZ=t/IC_R#XBcs!`,U@Q>lH2RO9K! 8VoF&e1*mR>U_37*%rNKI_8@*(`0MJ.N5V8*l[A!$A$Z;$H+^GCZ?*$VMM\Lo]WA4e]UG. o*+T4Crck^l/?Dm_K7YqFg$d[AhPWo-s0mHW(?p=UfT]Am?.S:W6 Such barns are common in use. (e) Space required for manger per cow is 50 to 60 cm. k]D;]pBg7Wph?IJY%j IHZ0L#@/GJTB59dRR^X*qOcm5J!rl5TCm\i8bPBnXoE[l]7;fe5_u@)!6n Blue Bells of Gratitude Adoption of circular form of placement of buildings in a given area will permit minimum distance for approach roads, and thereby cut down on the cost of their construction. 285M is run by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). Nl`l235*b2Sd5V=@. "0aEQJ2AYel[fWQK-IQQkQ%[l4s1>m`4DTDYV,^$ 36674 Layout of roads must be such which requires minimum wastage of land. ]T2i`$kNnCKK2@Jteh;^c,>Qd^r2 Report a Violation, Record of Observations During Visit to a Dairy Farm, Records to be Maintained in a Dairy Farm (with specimens). Gb"/i>u)G! << *$:,UDZS/cLkDpnr^;lT250Ih\gULD3\b,9_t_ endobj 6. The bedded area, pen space and bedding storage. E+C1:-CYe1a@8O+2liNd1h0gGd05>A>:6`@5tR?N%CHeiQ4PFemm$FA0W6ERhk#) D!9)?YQ]<4JhFhY"^QX=$FV)';:#KGP@U8[?jlNF"^PN,,kDuZ>EJ"rk^odtA=fQ($h>8@>qgJc 1BQ6C88?j9P`:DKc! Content Filtrations 6. Pathways must connect each building of cattle yard, offices, residential quarters etc. <> `060mCe\&6`@( 0DL.K8J:oP0#53Z$`oO;p'"`PIDH^nSKtHnkQ:)Y^0p@SM1*2VUe[**(N]]O"^bZ.,dB#d!pg endobj 0000000010 00000 n endobj It is mainly affected by the climate, soil type, topography and the available basic facilities. ltI9nr3D8SEr7. Q;-d`.N=3ug!g:'2MqOge-o,2P$tYq(p7[#_dq4M4P;+gACEe+fgn[#B%<0+A=.0OL*moDJSZ6\ jn+!\Vs4fLm@O71C%X3uj6HU25>M5CH!eo%fGAW1p'"Z^pB=ia3_AI^_%u*[5o3WNah0:ZK"Nc#JuOrE /Type /Page QVE:! Such materials also resist the weather conditions of the region and are eco-friendly. Following are the key points in layout of roads on farms: 1. s*OJVmceWgp%[5.S-g#PJ,d7+jn.p8l1)Y-5PU5Ca/. Fa_j@1q3JIH. Ym#DZLb;5h,kJY[>nB%gk'8,Y+O:GC"gO8%SekiDo"5N>&3EJGH(f(=L\STV$hCqA?%@2D\cD=g (b) Fodder fields and Pastures (Fig. Assume placement of four buildings equidistantly on the periphery and one in the center. << d>W3])3/MY`+2e6*8,!rCoZdB7PiW'AN6uX&6`AiR*DOJQYm=#S5?]!>Ji:!#jL%bXee7lHN=ZDe\$Cc(16:! Accordingly, the building materials also differ from region to region. ^e_#!Vlib:Dh8C6U(Nkh(]oKC."p?.,5eM\M:cW2&Um]=6u9&"(]jrm. The distance to be covered during movement of materials and men on taking square route can be deduced as follows: (i) Distance from centre to any other building on the periphery: This can be calculated using standard formula for the right angle triangle. Mp";qbkZRMr3DAYkEgU=3kt$Ve+mPsS^&nc 0000036586 00000 n 6027-1970 = Farm cattle shed: Large dairy farms. (ii) The tie stalls—Merits of stanchion type and tie stall are given in table 42.7. qrNK)#QccDLf'HO16IAqQ4l#N#fqZA+;9T&ZCI#56nGX6OGQ=!HX.q,(lgQ2eg?PhZD+R[7'*\g )'N3T@Q%NKC`rsBIr34PA.3H\*>(lgdag@snf&m]MA.Dk-P/OFs"&GWOA18tQ3[T%q q@B>l#^eu(J57H-Hr@0!Fc3q/,UEE3X+j=>[e>4AOq\1U4g+uLu[a,5C(e8[+,pLG0 11. Methods of cladding and masonry charges. Table 44.7 provides the comparative efficacy of all these alternative forms of placement of buildings at the farm. 1. 0 17 GKVK Campus, Bengaluru University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus, GKVK Campus, Bengaluru - 560065, Dist. :HjqMmV*Q!H8HmhmHTR!6e:ZXi+Y\:bW7>nOcG17Y$G>pBZSc\"[(a7LA@]X34dM!V/'.>2L4V? Thesis Dairy Management Practices Followed By Farmers. rA?t(F>_/prR;f_58"%r:^G?IPE7J@ORn+OqaY^*l8_cKa'M&p!sPqW<=W)oOK^aa9ZOQMOQLA* />nXDb"5JRVh,Q)8Q$\/MA"''@BuCQ9IM9FZ*qBOS0S8YW[OR2'IM#&_Lurm(s&\l`,_$*[4O(p Proper and controlled feeding of animals. mHVh`6e:BPi5nGD9K"cGOc>+6VHmK\BZSc["[(I/L<6 )J_]PDJQF 3BA1qcI(nOFcK5;YB+eHI\!7_n`q0cNaLu5FFRZ\k]H_`8#PDIhrj2uYW_lY3LC+($0q164*+\RSCP4YqjlNB&%=R,N9=&'WO2L1RJ@p:/)3 /Parent 3 0 R 44.2 and 44.10): Properly constructed and well-arranged buildings, optimally utilized equipment, machinery, and animals are the assets of a livestock farm. 285M originates from Kempegowda Bus Station Bus Stop and ends at Doddaballapura Bus Stop. -V"gO8e K.C. BMTC Bus Stops|BMTC Buses: detailed guide Vajra Routes Route No. )aP7P[Xq"iHUbA=.0_L*moDJSZfl-Q6`@X,1U These materials are usually substances that remain unaffected (or reasonably slowly affected) by the stress of climatic variables. 0000022039 00000 n ]`9 7RLWDX.F,a@pOG9,9$qDfsD;\2B%`i;aW\#BZAUtX",+q1"ioF7lD9K\o.1O,8hhtQJonS6UKD- It may assume a circular, rectangular, square, triangular, semi-circular shape with the monitoring cell/office in the heart, depending upon the shape of the land available. BMTC is the company that operates the public bus transport service in Bangalore and runs multiple number of city buses between KR Market and Doddaballapura Old Bus Stand on daily basis. 7. XP_]EL<4&YmqahuA2AGdfglBZ1O%^/BLls>lH2RO9K$tTSW/:f2KS&PNJ]!2"7 0Ef\";$^5079IObiC+0-t'e SKI!M= "qgpE@qgpH):6N=Ef!NM860#[0G^S6[4ML1h)YYi"j%8Fs)hQ(X "g.4$=J/c>E'j`AS:\h_O$I\A3!X(=&'AAgD2,V P*iAb8,.+&PUr_iilXi%QF;Kq3=YlQ\gs\Pps$Du-Ohdj<=hr$OodXD'MhJm@WEqIY+.>fjA]&? lBsu+8LVFc4d1]>,SX["Sk6k/&r+2YB*r&oTnq&KVjW2^ep]X(,Rf7Ac4n,h64pJ0:,<2FD#JCC Pen type housing system consists of 3 meters wide shed covered area for feeding purposes and protection from inclement weather like the sun, etc. A`uj&^DuC8I[n/=[RTEJ_RVt0>@^)Ff0hhqa5+*H%=T=jc+KO3?MOjPAS"Y?nt)]_fn2ft6u# *LO[cuW,Go^G oE>^UI/sGD06"^i,"#_Q5j/RqE2:S%(GHEs!XCbaAEXCr.DA%JnHB>CUe("Z$A^?CTI30c BMTC Route No. hKrVbh[i$-I/NC"JkrP1c19JUhsOi#hkBuQri\9W;ik+D$@f>TTi0"S3$EQoScf?AGME^da<2&A>Vs'f\lGHo37Nu,G+jnS=o Quality Agricultural Education - … Better care and supervision of animals. d/Pp5\j#aNbL->HO1IOI5KhIS1lo43m%XqSp-6g,O,iA2O,iA2O,i>S7n<0DlbbnIQ=D!Wc(hEP /Contents 15 0 R @Kf%=9umC/#n8lrKKc>l(--'bY@,blKD%*8U7Obd06-k%=4 stream q4[gk*;r[n;`A'kNj&+up3?f6Z Bangalore city bus route no 285-MK is operated by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). &BL`#Gd)'tAKr's;c[6`$3Jm[&5P1sP+$92AYU*(9uZU4,9`ap='miu@^7F*Y&"dSZDe\4 o,Oatn+.NuNh>K*Fo4?lWoN8&;B8!JOm;^eN`='FF/1jGSg2eaI@_\6nada"Nh>K*Fo4?lWoN8& >oEq1F7p5u;_JO"153,YMhK$GYUNTp]j1GgKjDb-%(dnjm(s==?W>[3+T<1JkU\mt~> Operation on farm must be easy and economic to carry out. /Creator (Oracle10gR2 AS Reports Services) /MediaBox [0 0 1584 1224] 2 0 obj Placement/Arrangement of Buildings (Fig. JGhfN5hReY#D>C*A\Scq;"b:E!HCqHfe:8JPl3pj^bR=Dlka+5b'kKp+:X2Zqh=6a0IX6n(LdKh /Producer (Oracle PDF driver) -mGRB;O!B&Z2#.>E`+VZrer8K8Y_*3&kZ"r.`URS(s#:fN;59(/16E$E_7`K3N8Auhniqb_/YiE Design of Buildings (Fig. ?%(BsaP,GR>hLM0ACE4pfgn[#g=;OLKP]IM^m0mg5W0(hPDt5H?+[\R=`_JPfrXiVp0KWqO_)ua Ideally, livestock houses should be constructed by experienced masons to avoid unnecessary masonry work. EQG"D33nYTP>0#8A>:#tCeBF0)pMK?QJonS6;09p`0$%6`29Q+Cc#X->D=@A#r1,_&4\VsElb,2 I.S 4466 (Part III)-1968 (1st reprint July 1978) = Farm cattle shed for Gaushalas and other organized milk producer (recommendations for Farm Cattle Housing for plain areas with medium rain fall). 2. There is sufficient light and ventilation provision and bring saving in labor. 3T1X'J57G"QK@V0&*i/gWhQt<2TLeNY-@e3jeWVh8L%`qZaP7("d7q>4[OI_721*n-PSN75* @d45o/%k9%YGtgF\lV9#"=8+-o,Uk,3*B6A6]=-`beQ51(T7Id\+['*#+gXTZE?%7BY+4a>FHb Farm mechanization. I.S 4466 (Part II) – 1968 = Shed for rural milk producer. 4. Corrigendum of inviting application for the Emeritus Professor Scheme. d.u?ITQ/]h4f4X1`gdgk^O@Hj%'-u\Fi(I (b) It provides comfort and keeps cows clean. 'Sc(=p^b*=P"O*sYik$Z2F,[nOEMG9Wp'\%-r#s;.B+$Shfm*s5&82fc^Q#\2j&VL Assume placement of one building in the centre and the remaining four equidistantly on the periphery in ‘2a’ or ‘2b’ form (either on the corners or on mid line of the square path). stream *%=e^!X5AQ@%\`58me6AoE>ZqUe'_X(pKf,kmJ2e^465SMNkh? )9(iQ&s;76ip\aXJ63'Y8"WAkS=E=bF6=<50t1,HD*@R\l:VE<6CnXH5*Lg#L49#9k%X/RU+'m0 =3;5U]5&`qObd0 0000011267 00000 n 'FMoA$3i%1;U/,f+Qk-iE26#b8"kI'UL9`>7ERUt"lpX,"$J)2c;?9'8We%R630):_13b!auKe4 h6?>I]m6ORFL.#ds,M?,%"n-JkVo=YSmUKXtdpgZU#sjr2\;RVVnLe0ga? stream >> << k45_]M.]^K838u"SP. /MediaBox [0 0 1584 1224] 3 0 obj [_QDG4QT?@.ZB@B! *LIM-PV^>"a-A4`6pkmjalHP-,O1YES.Na /CropBox [0 0 1584 1224] Animals stand around the manger facing the silo tower. Tractor "Belarus 3022" from Minsk Tractor Works. >> ,9\ZYlb/:T+e*;Lo/#RU! 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Y_b^A?l)76^S4O26S/1n66ua8Ppcc7_@Y9O-WIrFi$TY>L5kGS?DAU[3Fmd`9AITV6T1?sO?b-* m per cow. :N-8\ 6g!V"40s-qmH950hnDtNQ81@_rA%Hbps1O'g[;P8e5?cL:"b!0:Kb. <> 0000010940 00000 n :=\-$:ej&^O])<1a[r<33@0oQS92mtVjLAHP>59APYt+o;DCI4.Ae@a1FE$$&We,rt3,Rr@8kS92t!V\i?sP=c.% \G>XYe^ol>4MKJO?ZOl75XAatTDk[R4T0,jF3,k6EQKU-FHUFQqWc2WS);/J3LubchA&g^ 2:@V!Cc8:2JW(km>uX/m'kta$U(S)q82JhoXJ(@o`%=qU!XWS^giR>-+N\R)eVlaY)NpP4%J?J> ?h (Yofp^'s*5Z.IH^_&1ogOf3VoB1f)IS9rb"7f These include clay, pebbles, stones, brick (kutcha and pukka), a variety of grass (thatch), bamboo products, coconut products, wood, rocks – slate, tiles, tin, iron, cement etc. ohBSD:i%cVFRP:J5.ppY\LCll^]+#DS\0"+[AVO1HLnB;f"5:g]u`B_rVlL.IJML\p]%aPH1sA] )`bg`l`bg`l`A'kNj$Dj`3?f6Z*"e0#SKI!M IhW#tDDB%0@ueTrQn;)-P]04IN`Qr,H[*Y7\,#qhl+pIS)=)J?,:aW)Y[Pc7Srjr24B7@#i? @>K%gSZiDd^a9BhRkR5M:FBtq# All plots must be well connected to roads and irrigation channels. (a) It is the bedded area, responsible for favorable health condition in loose housing system. )&-htZEqDjheL.Y/+>PQ1$qDjg:O@maJh]lH4 q4[gk*;r[nVXm1TZT.fR`[@i7L+8VVKdJl$elho-01nJf?=bgE[Tk3-K+deR=3 More  Smart Farm - Dairy Farming In Israel. c@'Ei0t2tGT&s?,$3Hc[3hR.CR,ruf-PE\cGFqKtlG!Ef-jg$LO?+KuM$UCS+V]beTi?h%Df[QG 44.10; 2). )NpP,ojf9b-C^I_a@8N`e#oii1us`m$1VON)((iAiQ+JU6IW*?Cc#[> <> 8gu&Hknon.iNetqb`G%6MK2TD5u&l*,UXVmnh"+4PE$OPB1,Tl.OE.bV3L&:A%I$qK258+?#&rP F002 Dairy Science College Gulbarga F003 College of Agriculture Hassan F004 College of Fisheries Mangalore F005 College of Agriculture GKVK, Bangalore F006 College of Agriculture Dharwad F007 College of Agriculture Dharwad N001 College of Agriculture GKVK, Bangalore N002 College of Agriculture VC Farm, Mandya Ri2p\7RQ=8>9hflL)\(J2;aM\]8;>+fp%Fd2Nm%).2\ap,f=1l q]#d!q]#ct@uc/\PKj\['J,8)$5tjo+6FtR*-2fN53_u!8&=2PUS.-[kD)&))G`CYbYbT(jsXou O+4h=nbH7AIlTW>o_c>=M^RD0p&1)X%SqPdqVg\f_t-CUIs^tLl/B`cIJ;:d=2-h%rU8pAIC7\r?iPO6*aXa"=1F;T*r^-XT:Ijaa)a@;97.T-_n;L09_8);hS2+afEWsc*jA^1(bi.G As`Y)KWqh!1e$5MZ3P3+`N[76j2293(Qaf%^D7SrTELW&W;=pT5[mR Before arriving at a suitable design/layout, we shall consider a hypothetical example and carry out certain calculations in support of the recommendations. ':!&3%,8i,'Je?-p10c^P,Ee%<5W0?&P)Y,s;q4]&P2W^G(m/VK"L>!LO_c;]AQ(i\ (a) It is usually covered shed where cows are fed dry feed like hay. Double rows – Face to face without feed passage. 9. Roads must be well graveled for quick transport. !U0t/E2:S%(Y*F#X1j+8cke[G Alumni are cordially invited GRAM-2020. Simply put, placing the building in different layout increases the cost of construction from 4 to 58%. endobj 1a3ln+^c.@0Z-_?)+Gh@.i+!r]gtQB$U[04$=U,?-mFVJe(d8%lZbJ8/IVZh. /Resources <> >> 4.Silos, balance room, calving pen and feed room: Factors Affecting Cost of Livestock Housing Complex (Sharma and Singh, 2003): The cost of livestock houses is an important consideration for their rearing. 14 0 obj [] c^Z^Ro6? The university came into existence on 21 August 1964 and was meant to serve the agricultural education needs of the state of Karnataka with a campus that included the old experimental stations at Hebbal established by Lehmann and Coleman with an additional campus at GKVK added in 1969. PDt/Z2@[TgNJ*[8.YoSoak41=ojsm@OA,iIA0W7slW. M.9u!7?86IcjThtrU0MXT0HYsH$abSbj^U>8? Distance from Kempegowda Bus Station ( Majestic Station ) Near by Bus Stages and Localities of GKVK are Thindlu (Bellary Road) , Jakkur , Byatarayanapura (Bellary Road) , Kodigehalli Gate (Bellary Road) , Military Dairy Farm Gate , Hebbal , Hebbal Canara Bank , Veterinary College , CBI , Ganganagar , IAF … 10606 Judicious planning to earmark respective locations for each building is the crux of solving imminent and future problems in any livestock housing complex. Disclaimer 9. /]XtbaK-bt*4@1;8Pa._CJ@*\8Pa._Bh^pGT%J)/RY7K5>:V@CC7A=o[K0?eg+eR4^635PE8L7CcPfr6-^RrP`U-NM;=>dfQ+@QG'!F9dDe<3UXcBJ!18df >> 5 0 obj Gopala YM, University of Agricultural Sciences,GKVK,Bangalore, Agricultural Extension Department, Graduate Student. *"9G,c7$,k(T1FY2UdE"] 8. I7,n&\j#I*@QF,od6-^jY`FV%fLJ@$W9_>bU4&JkJbMCRZ&a_'[Z?7,[Z?7+fLJ@$T^0KZ,*l^\ P%@QZ4P=DfekN1q)[S7PZk,_c)Nq[Lojf9b-C^=[a@8N`f<28m1aL8AL3U"d%$OE/E+G^eTkd_2 If you've read the bible, you've probably come across the description given to israel as a land flowing with milk and honey. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor. 2. ?bY>R$Z;D%OVIDs!Oc\)"CFgD2ES2%f:c=13fi3o$2A21AG)^&X+\Qkm 'ZbqQ!guT4abiD3'!]T:67*$?R4sZ7;:n8[?k\:!IRRZYL049eKhVgS2Gjb4KH[F(:=t6! BMTC is the company that operates the public bus transport service in Bangalore and runs multiple number of city buses between GKVK and Kempegowda Bus Station on daily basis. Location and grouping of farm buildings. )N>k$mFI5$i'\Ac0e[G)tO.I/D+MGJAPihO\mT /Parent 3 0 R 0000036531 00000 n << a A proper site may be selected by considering the points in 44.2. Goat flooring in Karnataka Bangalore, Goat Farming in Bangalore, Goat Farming in Karnataka, Sheep Farming in Bangalore, Sheep Farming in Karnataka, Goat Farming Services in Bangalore - Stallfed.com is an initiative of Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms.Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms is on the process of making a big and positive difference in the field of sheep farming. %G>8j66b)r`nHY7P`:@+ChcK`)\&4)DN/0O)(qDI&]dF/;U_eBCc#[d9aQYe,8i,'RM!V16W2C9 Gb"/l9og:7ObW(%517fnY"*X36Od? 4. SC4Zl,=OrC-`dfJ7j\haRF:s',WLiY6Ip&-DrGs+S0B-='_Z'V*192GZ:f0SR7(k38oYW76C:\" /Contents 9 0 R (i) Distance from centre to any other building on the periphery. ;RCR"QW% 10648 0000000236 00000 n Sg-DEOimHEN`='FF/1jGSg2eUo,O`iTBAafJ"PmpFo4?lWoN8&;B8!JOm;^eN`='FF/1jGSg2eU lPJ&n64n"JS?UL/h^":47OGQ:h-4H%5jb-;E@d03m1*HqE6m3ZdL9Q+e+VTT4 iA.)4564n2;S)m)NrON@FJ9qJ:08Ps! The layout of dairy farm building is presented in Fig. F002 Dairy Science College Kalaburagi F003 College of Agriculture Hassan F004 College of Fisheries Mangalore F005 College of Agriculture GKVK, Bangalore F006 College of Community Science Dharwad F007 College of Agriculture Dharwad N001 College of Agriculture GKVK Campus , Bangalore N002 College of Agriculture VC Farm, Mandya "j_`NF<1h&7>Ka>UB)=F>Y&SO`l2Ck&O84o>U3N6Tn8s0`E;@NqcU`n;g @USI7,X,4sHFc>p&bPYoNXsBHD;Ekl5AErQfNV5L$>1 2B&lEG6(JtP$tY1)3/Mi,^/S?b!nb,mOmG>7P[Xq/]3^1L+HWBqQe4]l=el#kB8nlOU..FNUUJR "bBK@*>")r7+n=HMF;9$6=CO]J5$k)N[GN! lG,\t&eX5YiYXJ.=M#s:DHn7 /CreationDate (D:20201202190259) TB8GkL]1pHqOcnIf8'?<3VoB1MlmThcZ8YBc',:@rD3$XlU1]Y*;r\)W9ZhNZQ/p>o;Lu]rf8MN 7. (c) The floor should have slope of 3.0 cm/m from the manger to the back of paved area. RhgaoZ"+2M/tn*R0;l@6MSNIPWOEi/P.dkT7+6467$pUQ!\R?+BfM]#JXBC3@j#S3+ibs.9$!CB 6027-1970 = Farm cattle shed: Large dairy farms. HGM^eP+4leaa*8!)9,F7+a0"W>:7NPFcq\V-crl@P$I-EP"Y'cR>+J". (i) Distance from centre to any other building in the periphery: This will be equal to the radius, ‘r’ of the circle, whose area ‘A’ is 10,000 m2. It is one of the loose housing systems. endstream SL!g>&6k7ZL$4-@8M]am]qTg[YQ];Zcir&EJR_>nB%gk'b&]jF'<1`(lJ@?a']Z?dJsL >> ,*"S3hp;:-$)(Z4bt@E_ONq(E/Hut.1BW[OU-##KijXXl^]4CjqL\uS>$R6$:BL:K\C2U << CdFX/U'j:8aZM5p(?B`a\fc0Zbk"/;6(Sme$^OPNH!Z:YaR_`?60]_`kCr,Ocq-"=$aBk\?AL4i :E75!&n2)R(6E6NIL@JG2up:43^\15".UPY;3hqlOU-"86,4oVJ^Z9qVc(4+KiKDZpe;UMA*]Hq 5p2X(ilOYV;U_bNC_QuWW>M4C,U>56lH;X`9K! 4. This is aimed to have maximum efficient use of available space, minimizing approach time from one building to the other in carrying materials and supervision and reducing costs on the construction of roads and passages. (b) Tail to tail (feeding passage optional): = wall + feeding passage + manger + standing + channel + cleaning passage + channel + standing + manger + feeding passage + wall, (B) Length of Shed = Area + width, or (Number of cows + 2) x 1.2 + 0.3 x 2 m. (D) Number of Animals to be accommodated: Soil types and topography vary across the country. <> _LE/),)1)DXHeX8E%Trtafd Double rows – Face to face with feed passage. [l*iU$38OMoj,]f"3W.KYT8(fj++H+0gm6DRb+-=/ 5mR1afPc9kQ1?Nrj'ka,GO3fQkBkeSqb(r'1WlJJ?So^#Ht`n,s,eD#d7!lqd!i`L^Gl'#H+qb* q-!ahGgQ7hs3nLN5EA=*TCkF.>Q=;>eG38ILU/)@T>bL!qObfhro`gHs(U9bT>uT0cha9RXoEZ/ Building material used for the construction of the floor, walls and roof. j;\=*NYHau7iflPLNCu(*-F52l%-`4l>VbES>-SW.(JZhe+(i]G.0Inru/*_r-t*jL7HJbU_B70-Gli-d@1fYco?LHM%Dp8%A endobj ‘2a’ form of square layout (Ref. (d) This area may be provided with a row of trees to provide shade and stop wind. [E^-+Yplh[unVJ`F%e2:k8iqV`(bKA>bBiUSg?cP[_cE>a%@TUJ9J!eBk4$KZ>a3K'jCU-l5+&-[;DgX8%5>UNLKtDG:Pp-,;WQb,Oi'GA*#hf:kX^ia(U]_n9^)p!OM66rckeAIq>phr04;SY,,Hqh5l(Nd Dairy Farm Manyata Tech Park Big Market GKVK (NCBS) University Campus More Megamart HDFC ICICI Hebbal Flyover Lake LOCATION MAP Sahakara Nagar NTI Layout School Vivekananda Railway Parallel Road Railway Parallel Road Railway Track. 0000036319 00000 n o:YEUBiDrD.M#J"A=)53m]e>Q=:Wl2%L] bMB5&GMhh[rVkp?eaDNp5JMHSHi/X`r,hW0],+OUn#lZQb:gRkk3uaX^"`#Tr8eal8*dPZ8"! The storey on upstairs of “double storey barns” is used for storage of feed, concentrates and bedding material. >> 0000022225 00000 n >^uTlrLpc"hX$"bo`slLMVW`o;Q?nlm-U]X? rhm="5L4ENo/ub3c)q"k*cuh]s"q4akBYSM=oZt+qOcr/Y0Zs:k19Pp:V&aUJ"?mNTCkFnXoEYf Such barns consist of a silo tower in the center and manger around it. 44.1): 1. 7 0 obj (b) It is considered best to feed concentrates in hopper bins conveniently set above the ground floor level, while cows are being milked in the parlor. FFKUP?uaCfd(&?<0LrCNO7nG)5E005K#W5!K#W5!K#KH76/tQ"LH,\W`uG8BS'DOc'J,8)$6#OY The cows may walk through or released from stalls and back out depending on arrangement. !e:2Dq4. M=69r$2E@oC]P4,':gH=R'+[fD>\aT!seFM,[]Ifq*!-1KF-\mVLXNlM%21`9V:e32Z>ke$&=Ac 6;/./3g#4u()/f,#jA'L%',BTVb]-\Ou7qg,\!#j$CrRJFM\U?Y:+M0>i:B@T&)'bkep6bQ>rI/ 9f+'KKHY:uR6m98. I.S 5284-1969 = Milking shed community-recommendations. (@JhDkM,kJ`X$hD$)$XtJTm#*#4]eARNljLPCp'"f2qgpH9^>KAc b\[T?Efq-XWMW((d[8OmE%EArEB0;O:em/T3Rs?b:)]>M(67LP0hZkS#j!g(l#UgIo`:6Mok"X\7fQn5-B'?WmUk-fnP3@RRd;ah#S b]=J?60]_`k:"u74@_[R==;3Q8&5u%3=EJR_? /Resources <> >> I.S 4466 (Part I) – 1967 = Shed for an average farmer. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. MHIn4$DS.8N1pk;$:Dc%FM]F7Z&PXp7Ni$S73Z>(SM5ph,WVFbM*f!