It seems pretty clear that tampering with the emissions controls is a no-no regardless of who does it. I will defeat the start/stop in my 2020 Terrain Denali......until I do I just put it in L9 and the start/stop does not happen. Plus even if an EPA bureaucrat claimed it was illegal to over-ride - WHO CARES?! GM by 2020 will have a non defeat start stop which you cannot override. Some are mechanical, some electrical in nature. Auto Stop/Start Technology. 67% Upvoted. So we asked the EPA experts. And we are not really sure we would jump on that if it was.” Our paraphrasing is not meant to be disrespectful. What should I do. What we are talking about is a permanent override. Do I need stop start? You may also disengage the Start-Stop system by checking the box in the Driver Interface screen, under “Settings”. No more annoying Start/Stop in stop and go traffic! Auto Start-Stop on/off switch on center console of Ford Escape, 4th gen. - Collos25 : Why have a car with SS there is even a switch to turn the system off but that thats not good enough,the OP wants to mess about with the ECU program I suppose its takes all sorts.Why not permanantly switch off the ESP and ABS while your at it. I was wondering if it might be because I hardly use it or what other causes it might be. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Or maybe your battery needs checking. Obviously however the vehicle was certified by the EPA means that you cannot defeat any of those emission features. Where there is a will there is a way. If the system detects a malfunction, it will switch off. Tampering with the emissions control systems once a vehicle is certified for sale is a big deal. At least on my 2018 Ford F150 I have a switch to deactivate it but I have to select it every time I start up the engine. I bought my vehicle and the switch doesn't work. 2) A Company Develops, Offers For Sale, and Sells A Universal Stop-Start Device Marcella, did you recently fill-up? EPA and the Clean Air Act Also certainly not a definitive, “Yes, we will send the SWAT team over if we find out anyone does this!” More along the lines of, “We are not really sure the stop-start even qualifies as an official emissions control system. Yes if you do not feel like turning it off every time you can program it for an easier use. In total, seven employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency joined the communication chain. That sounds like a Class Action lawsuit to me. After three days of consideration of the question here is the answer we received: “The EPA generally does not allege conduct to be illegal unless and until the agency has developed a factual basis and decided to pursue an enforcement action. The U.S. EPA’s New England Regional Office of Public Affairs took the point position. When the auto-start-stop indicator flashes amber, shift into neutral or press the clutch pedal. We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late (see the. Disable Auto Start-Stop on the Ford F-150 Permanently. Stop-start reduces the grams of gases emitted per mile driven. Turns off engine then turns back on so I can turn it off again because I am parking. Finally, if you really don’t like the technology, then get into the routine of turning it off with the button on the center console everytime you start the vehicle. Do you despise your car's stop-start system and want to disable the darn thing – permanently? This article is written with the assumption that you are looking for a way to get your Ford Ka started now, and is meant to provide you with practical advice to help aid in the diagnosis.. Minor inconvenience. Is your check engine light on? If you take 2 exact same cars, side by driver uses the start/stop, but drives it like they stole it, the other turns the start/stop off but drives it like a little old lady going to church. Vehicle emissions are measured by the EPA in grams produced per mile driven. They will never know I did it. Also, some dealers may choose not to participate in A/Z Plan pricing. These are corporations who act on a much larger scale than just you me and our local mechanic. If you prefer to see it as a gimmick that's cool with me. These gimmicks help enable the availability of V8 powertrains in cars like the Chevy Camaro and Mustang GT. Your engine stops running during that time, going into hibernation and not running or using fuel. This is why we are going to tell you how to turn off the screen of your Ford Ka. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, John. I've not driven a car for years that has a 'knack' to starting it, you turn the key, they start. Regulating the weight of ones shoe would have far more effect than this crap. So it disables the stop-start in case the battery is drained so much the engine won’t re-start. The law seems pretty clear. Well, maybe your dealer if any warranty work is needed. By VIN. SEEK FREE HELP FROM CHARITIES, It is a gimmick for two reasons: 1) When a vehicle isn't running it produces no emissions, and 2) It uses no gas, which refers us back to reason 1. But is the law any different for us regular Joe’s? report. For more information on our Lincoln auto stop-start disable devices, contact us today. WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE? In my state of Massachusetts, if a code is found and relates to the emissions system the inspection is a fail. Other Reclaiming: Mortgage Fees, Council Tax etc, Pensions, Annuities & Retirement Planning, Report Holiday Deals, Bargains & Special Offers, Martin's Blogs & Appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the News. -- It's a way to save gas when sitting at a light or in heavy traffic. That benefit cosses you about $150 bucks for the module. Our Autostop Eliminator auto start stop disable devices will work to keep auto start stop off until you want it back on. You can always turn off the switch anytime you start your car, but if you feel it is too much of a burden, then you should apply some of the methods spoken about. But is it against the law to do so? If so, removing that system or rendering it inoperative may amount to illegal tampering, and aftermarket parts and components that bypass, defeat, or render the system inoperative could amount to illegal defeat devices. Auto Start-Stop can improve fuel efficiency, on average, by up to 3.5%* compared to a similar car without this feature. We often link to other websites, but we can't be responsible for their content. Or don't start if it's my old Zafira I would discuss this with your service department. You can turn the stop-start system off altogether by using a button on the dashboard or near the steering wheel if you find it irritating. If it illegal, why then do auto manufacturers offer a defeat switch on the dash for such purpose? I have absolutely no concern that the EPA is going to come knock on my door - and would tell them where to go if they ever did. Also anything else I should know before I buy one? It does have the ability to disable start stop option for you. However, the manual only states it can be disabled on a temporary basis by pushing a button on the dash each time the car is … The fines for doing so are in the thousands of dollars. This model has the auto-stop/start feature for the engine when you come to a stop (at a red light, etc.) Stupid as it gets. I have bought a 2012 Ford Ka Edge, with stop/start. We all used to be told that frequent starts and stops wear out engines more than anything. Certainly not a green light to go ahead and defeat that stop-start. Doubtful. Unfortunately it caused expensive engine repairs - so I and every Ody owner I know have installed devices that disable the VCM system. Auto Start-Stop remains one of the most innovative features on new and even used Ford models (contact us to see which models have this feature activated). SO....let me get this straight. The vehicle will be passed once the issue is solved and the code “cleared.” If you live in a state without emissions testing, who would ever know? However, we are not EPA experts. How to Disable Ford’s Auto Start-Stop. Excellent question. Engine stops at every Stop sign only to restart half a second later when I go. As soon as you touch the clutch to put the car in gear the car will start fast enough for you to take off without it being an issue. I suspect grandma will still have enough gas to get the gas station in the next town while the other is sitting on the side of the road......out of gas. Will you get caught? Legality is. Once the driver puts pressure on the accelerator, then the engine turns back on. It is NOT an emissions control device. THINK ABOUT THAT Mr. EPA !!!!! For city drivers, it could be as high as 10%*, if you spend a lot of your driving time in idle. A major manufacturer like Kia or Honda provides auto stop-start "temporary" disable their cars. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. I like to do the easy stuff first. On a 50 degree morning the stop start kicks in after about 3 to 4 blocks, warmer days and it kicks in at the end of my driveway. We have a programmer that will tune it for performance or tow. Now you tell me the one with the start/stop on, is going to get better mileage and emit lower emissions than grandma. So the ultimate purchaser can legally do anything they want to the system. CORONAVIRUS HELP GUIDES, INCLUDING TRAVEL, FINANCE AND BILLS HELP, HOW YOU CAN DONATE TO A FOODBANK OVER THE FESTIVE SEASON, STRUGGLING WITH DEBT? To date, the tampering and aftermarket defeat device cases EPA has resolved have generally included the complete removal of filters and catalysts that are essential for controlling emissions of oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter, and other tailpipe pollutants.”. Yes, it is illegal? John Goreham can be followed on Twitter at @johngoreham. My car has been running bad, I have a device called SYNCUP that stays plugged up in my car. You may wish to manually disable the system in certain driving situations, like towing a trailer, or if your air conditioning performance is affected, or your windshield fogged up due to the engine being off. Also, stop-start has value to automakers. We reached out by both e-mail and phone. Around here they do it for free. The aftermarket modules plug inline on that wire harness and do exactly what pulling it does, except they also turn off the check engine light. When you switch the system off, the switch will illuminate. 3) A Dealer Offers to Disable Your Stop-Start System It's definitely why I won't buy a GM vehicle ever again. In addition, some vehicles, trims or options you select may not qualify for A/Z Plans. UTTER RUBBISH. Now all of a sudden its perfectly fine which I call BS. Hi everyone, I was looking to buy a Ford KA and was wondering if you could turn off the start/stop feature on the car? can't permanently disable it? I'm getting the message that emission system has a leak. the difference is so insignificant its ridiculous. Starting system problems? It may also not shut off the engine if the battery is below a certain level, if, like Volvo’s system, the driver unfastens their seatbelt, or if you turn the air conditioning on. Automatic start-stop technology started appearing on cars a few years back, and people have mixed feelings about it. I know the stop/start will only work when certain conditions are met etc, my question is a simple one... is it turned on automatically on starting the engine or do you have to turn the dial? It’s simple, and some say it can save between 3-5% of gas in stop-and-go traffic. Per vehicle. It's an engine/fuel saving behemoth that will make you glad you bought a model with its useful capabilities. I have the stop start function on my Ka, although I nearly always turn it off, but if I do leave it on it isn't working. They could care less if your engine wears out faster, or that your starting system will require more repairs. Our guess in this situation is that the EPA would take notice. We also specifically asked for some guidance on individual owners working alone, a local mechanic who charges to perform a stop-start disable service, a company that provides an override product for sale, and an official new car dealership offering such a product or service. I own the car and am not going to put up with an annoying system that some mechanics are claiming resorts in premature wear to several components - including timing belts/chains. When you come to a stop if you are in neutral with the clutch disengaged (foot off the clutch) then the car will turn itself completely off. We seriously doubt any would be bold enough to do this, but if they did, we’d expect a confrontation with some agency to germinate. Here are a few things you should know: Auto Start Stop will not shut your engine off at every stop if the engine is still warming up. This thread is archived. But why should I care? The reason many manufacturers do not offer a way to disable idle stop or have it revert back to on when the ignition is turn off is that the EPA will only include the idle stop benefits in the window sticker MPG figures if it is always enabled or reverts to enabled. Conclusion: Is It Against the Law To Disable Your Stop-Start System? Ford Focus Econetic 88g - Switch off Start Stop on a Focus Econetic ? You see Ford really screwed the pooch on this design (I suspect under pressure from the EPA to meet CAFE standards). If that is the case, a trailer that adds weight, stupid wings that increase drag or stickier tires that increase rolling resistance would be illegal. Good luck! This applies to the start stop technology. **how** is it illegal? You get in the car, start it, HIT THE DISABLE BUTTON......and VOILA! Therefore every time I hit that button I’m committing a felony. The wording specifically states any modifications before delivery to the ultimate purchaser or for anyone to manufacture an item to defeat the system. Have you checked your air filter? The battery management switches off the start-stop function The top priority for any battery is to start the engine. Auto stop start sucks, it is bad for your car, it WILL cost you money in the long run......and it NEVER should have been installed in ANY car. Auto Start/Stop Technology automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a full stop and idles for more than a few seconds. The only downside is the check engine light stays on. I think my compatriots example sums it up well.. John, your reporting is timely, that’s not my concern. Now you can view exclusive price savings on our Build & Price shopping tool. When the brake is applied and the vehicle is stopped, the engine temporarily turns off and automatically restarts as the brake is released. Note: A/Z Plan pricing information is not available on all Ford websites. Here again, we think the EPA would take quick notice. Auto Start Stop System Amber. The Clean Air Act has something to say about disabling any part of your automobile that has to do with its emissions. Step back and look at this and see how it may become law at some point, but is NOT law now. After billions in fines and even jail sentences we thought we’d never hear anyone try that again. Note the law's wording about what cannot be removed or rendered inoperative. NO AUTO STOP START. It is totally legal for manufacturers to sell cars without idle stop systems and it is totally legal for you to disable it. I'm not really bothered as I think it is a nuisance anyway but just curious if anyone else has had any problems with it.  Thanks. Therefore, opinions not based in fact are just that, opinions. Have your vehicle checked by an authorised dealer. I had to disable the VCM system on our Honda Odyssey because shutting down cylinders was causing engine damage. If you take 2 exact same cars, side by driver uses the start/stop, but drives it like they stole it, the other turns the start/stop off but drives it like a little old lady going to church. They should start opening their purse strings. There are ways to permanently disable stop-start systems. O2 sensor needs replacement? You may also turn the S-S off with ForScan. Area auto stores usually will check you OBD (onboard diagnostic) to see if you have any codes stored. 1 comment. Some of us don't blindly obey every inane regulation that comes out. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! And you come to this conclusion how? My obdmx now loses connection as soon as I turn off the key, when before, it would stay on until the car went to sleep, hence my thinking they did an update. It tells me if something is wrong with the vehicle. Very easy touch screen programmer that anyone can use. It is NOT ILLEGAL to modify your car or sell modifications for cars that REDUCE THEIR FUEL ECONOMY. It is a fuel economy feature that is neither mandated by the government nor affect your exhaust gas composition in any way. Stop-start reduces emissions. If the vehicle’s stop/start system is nonlatching and automatically turns on whenever you start the car, the EPA’s fuel-economy test results will be calculated only when the system is engaged. Also, any loose vacuum hoses may cause a rough running engine. Here’s our guess as to what would happen in three specific groups of scenarios:1) A Vehicle Owner Disables The Stop-Start System On Their Own I and thousands of other Ody owners installed devices which prevents the VCM system from engaging and we couldn't give a. Auto STOP just a CHEAP way for the manufacturers of loose engines to meet EPA guidelines....sort of. Editor, Marcus Herbert, LIVE SIMPLY * GIVE MORE * EXPECT LESS * BE THANKFUL. If it’s defeatable, is CAFE and not EPA. Because the switch is not "latching." Your car will react when you tell it to. It can be very frustrating when a vehicle won’t start.There are many different issues that can cause the problem. Stop-Start Engines - Can you turn it off? No automaker wants to make defeating stop-start too easy. But when a system clearly has safety issues, causes undo hardware failures, or causes mental anguish, the system should be illegal itself, and there should be a way to permanently disable it. I came to the conclusions I present by researching the subject and then by communicating with the EPA directly. If it isn’t available to them, they have to earn a higher EPA average and that is now getting very hard to improve upon without spending money. They found a code....luckily I just needed a new gas cap. No hesitation, no delay. Try driving with the auto start/stop turned off, must be turned off each time you first start the car. We asked the EPA if it was legal to do so. The individual systems in a vehicle are not the "EPA reg." EPA's Opinion On Stop-Start Disabling Legality My opinion. You should understand that these tips are given to make sure you find the most useful information with regards to disabling your auto start-stop function in your Ford Escape. "..any device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine." Thanks! Sure, some car makers allow you to turn it off. It’s tempting to just kill the darn stop-start system. I disabled mine and wrote to the EPA. The Range Start/Stop Disabler prevents your vehicle from shutting off and restarting every time you come to a stop in traffic. Let us be clear here that this story is not meant to cast the EPA in a poor light. It is hard to see how you would ever get caught unless the state you live in has an annual smog check during which they tap your OBD port and look for codes. Please help!! A similar protective mechanism operates in the following cases: Indeed having a light source in the passenger compartment of the car is not practical because we have reduced visibility. Interesting observations. -- The screen of your Ford Ka remains lit when you drive at night, but this is sometimes annoying.

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